Patricia was extremely sweet and I’ve heard nothing but good feedback about her. I know a student who personally connected with her due to her connection with STEM. I invited one of my friends and it was her first “feminist” speaker she’d seen and she loved Patricia’s presentation. She thought it was interesting and connected with what Patricia said about being Latina. I know all of my e-board members have said that they loved her presentation and thought it was so unique.

– Bailey Robb, Third Wave Resource Group at Cornell College, Mount Vernon,                               Iowa

I would like to thank you for being such an amazing speaker. We loved having you on campus and enjoyed talking to you about issues that affect our Latino/a community.

– Gracia Manzanares-Torres, Events Coordinator of Vista, the Latino/a and allies organization at Williams College

We all loved having you with us. I’ve received several notes from faculty telling me how wonderful you are, expressing their interest in your talk and your really wise answers to questions. I loved your answer, in particular, about how to handle negative ‘stuff” that detractors feel compelled to write on your blogs. My colleagues and I also appreciate greatly your affirming our students as writers and good “storytellers”. You were, simply and utterly, just great! Thank YOU!

– Prof. Jerilyn Fisher, Ph.D. Professor of English, Coordinator – Women’s and Gender Studies, Hostos Community College

I am so glad you enjoyed being a part of the panel and the day! The girls were particularly responsive to you and you were very personable and engaging.I will definitely keep you in mind for future events.

– Toni Armstrong, Community Engagement and Program Specialist, Girls Incorporated of New York City


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