Past Events

Chabot College – Hayward, CA

Presentation and speech on the status of Latinxs in STEM and what universities can do to better prepare their Latinx students for success in STEM fields.

Colorado State University – Fort Collins, CO

Keynote and presentation on the modern-day history of bias against women in STEM.

Cornell College – Mount Vernon, IA

Presentation on Global Feminism and how US feminists can best tailor their activism to represent our diverse and diverging points of view.

Alfred University – Alfred, NY

Presentation on women in STEM and the cultural influences that lead to STEM being associated with masculinity.

KCC Center for Diversity and Innovation – Battle Creek, MI

Presentation on Latinx feminism and ethno-racial identity.

SUNY Fredonia – Fredonia, NY

Presentation and panel discussion on women and racial minorities in STEM fields.

Sunnyside Community Services – Queens, NY

Participated in a panel for professionals in the engineering field with a focus on advising college-bound students on an engineering career path.

ACEC Emerging Leaders Conference – Albany, NY

Attended conference designed for “emerging leaders” in the engineering community.

Carnegie Mellon University – Pittsburgh, PA

Presentated on women in STEM and the lessons on how to deal with sexism in STEM fields.

Dickinson University – Carlisle, PA

Lecture style discussion in employing feminist practices in STEM fields.

Women’s Information Network –  Professional Development Panel – New York, NY

As the STEM co-chair I planned and hosted a panel of women leaders in various industries in conjunction with the WIN NYC women of color network.

Hosted STEM Trivia Night for the Women’s Information Network – New York, NY

As co-chair of the Women’s Information Network, I helped plan and develop a night of trivia and networking for women in STEM in the NYC area.

Presented at “Mythbusters: Breaking stereotypes in work, gender and race” – Seattle, WA

The Women’s Funding Alliance planned a Town Hall Event for which I was invited to present and discuss on the status of women in STEM and the stereotypes they face in male-dominated fields.

Nominated for a Social Media Award by the Women’s Media Center Awards

The Women’s Media Center is amplifying women’s voices by promoting women as subjects and decision-makers within the media, training women and girls so they are media-ready and media-savvy, exposing sexism in the media, and creating innovative new media and original content.

Speaker at University of Massachusetts – Dartmouth

Gave presentation on the social and familiar pressures Latina women face when entering STEM fields. Discussed the intersection of racism and sexism in the workplace, specifically in traditionally male dominated fields.

Guest Speaker at Williams College, Massachussetts

Gave a speech on transnational feminism and how it affects Latina women in the United States.

Keynote Speakers at Hostos Community College – Bronx, NY

Gave speech at award ceremony commentating students on their writing and storytelling, focusing on the power of sharing our stories and making our experiences vital to the betterment of society.

Attended Center-Shift NYC Conference: Affirming Transnational Women’s Feminism, Leadership and Sisterhood.

Women are organizing at a historic time where mass uprisings across the globe – from Egypt to Brazil – are taking place. Concurrently, here in the United States, past generations’ of women’s rights are being stripped through right-wing measures; women are at the forefront to defend those rights as well as in leadership of other movements – immigrant rights, prison reform, reproductive and educational justice, anti-war. The NYC conference is thus crucial to discuss the visions, coordination and future direction of our movements and women’s organizing. It aims to bring together transnational and women of color in the United States to affect ideologies and practice of the 4 forwarded.

WAM! NYC Media Training featuring Jenn Pozner, Yana Walton and Jamia Wilson

A day-long, small-group training where you will learn tips and tricks on how to present yourself effectively in the media. Plus you’ll get the chance to practice, record mock interviews and get feedback in a supportive setting!

Speaker in Panel for NOW-NYC Activist Night: What is Solidarity for Women of Color?

The #solidarityisforwhitewomen caused an uproar recently in social media and the blogosphere, with Women of Color questioning what their position is within the feminist movement. This conversation will explore how feminist Women of Color navigate their experiences within a society where solidarity has been commonly defined by White women. We will discuss recent developments within the feminist movement as it pertains to Women of Color and how race, politics/policy, pop culture/media and economic developments affect their lives. Panelists will participate in a roundtable discussion, engaging in conversation with one another conducive to defining Solidarity for Women of Color by the end of the evening. 

NPR Latino USA – New York,NY

Discussed body image and self-esteem among Latinos with Maria Hinojosa of NPR Latino USA.

Guest Speaker at the Girls Leadership Day – Queens, NY

Gave interactive presentation on Civil Engineering to group of middle school girls in an event hosted by the New York Women’s Foundation and Girls Inc. of NYC. Organized and participated in workshops with the young girls to discuss career options, educational goals, and their interests in STEM.

National Organization for Women – New York, NY

Participated in a roundtable discussion with women of color from various industries to discuss how we navigate our experiences within our society, and explore how politics, policy, pop culture and the media affect our lives.

Organize 2.0 Conference – New York, NY

Spoke on best methods to organize the Dominican and Puerto Rican community in NYC around issues that pertain to them such as immigration policies, job security, and education.Taught social media techniques as a powerful tool to engage the community and share information in an informal but efficient manner.

Panelist at Yes She Can!: Girls Take Back Their Education – Brooklyn, NY

Panel discussion on gender bias, sexism, and stereotypes in STEM for the Yes She Can!: Girls Take Back Their Education summit with Girls Inc. and the Girls for Gender Equity.


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